1. Brilliant to watch our client @MillwallFC see off another Premier League contender in the FA Cup yesterday!

  2. Great to see our client @frugalpac and their recyclable coffee cup complimented in Parliament by local MP @theresecoffey.

  3. Delighted Lewisham Mayor and Cabinet have indicated they will abandon using compulsory purchase orders over our client, @MillwallFC's land.

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    At the brilliant light exhibition by Steven Scott at the Coninti Art Gallery on New Bond Street 

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    After six happy years, tomorrow's my last day at @Commucan. Prexit Means Prexit.

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    Good coverage for our @Commucan client @Frugalpac in today's Guardian and Daily Mail.

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  7. Today we're proudly launching a paper cup. But this is no ordinary paper cup. This is @frugalpac 

  8. Off to the . Hoping to win Green PR Company of the Year for @Commucan

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  9. Well done to our sponsored runner @rosalindthecook on raising nearly £5,000 for @youngepilepsy!

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    Excited to be filming today with ReutersTV for a special project launch here at @DNAFitHQ! @Commucan @DavidPrescott

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    Thrilled @Commucan's shortlisted for Best Green PR Company & client @scotiaworld for Innovation of Year 

  12. Our client Scotia in The Observer. Let there be light! Futuristic street lamps tap into oldest energy source - sun 

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    If you're at check out Scotia's remarkable solar powered streetlights. If not, watch this! 

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    Spent the day with my client Scotia & their solar powered streetlight. Remarkable innovation.

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    We launched this prototype recyclable coffee cup in 2014.  It will be available from May as @frugalpac

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    Two coffee cups. One is recyclable because the plastic lining peels away; one is a plastic-paper nightmare. Which?

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    Just about to see our client Martin Myerscough talk to @theJeremyVine about @frugalpac. And here it is!

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